Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Update...better later than never!

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post. It's sort of embarrassing considering how strong I started, but it's hard to keep the momentum and inspiration. I take that back, the inspiration for content is there, the inspiration to sit down and write is not always close behind. 

So much has happened in our world since my last post. Let's see...

  • I went to LA for work for 10 days. It was such a great professional experience and I hope I get to do it again. Dad came to visit for a couple of nights which was really nice considering I didn't get to see him as much as I would have liked! We got to stay in a beautiful hotel, eat good food, and spend a bit of time together.  
Mini monkey bread for dessert after lunch at Salt Air in Venice. Divine! 

View from my room at the Fairmont Santa Monica
  • We decided to start trying for baby #2. This proved to be a bit more difficult than we had intended, but after a visit to our specialist, Dr. Malizia at Alabama Fertility Specialists, we were able to conceive after only one round of Clomid. On what would have been my mom's 59th birthday, July 14, we found out we were having another little boy! 
B is ready for football season.

I think he gets his sweet tooth from me. Has to eat the icing first!
  • We put our house on the market, sold it after about four months, and bought a new one! We lived with the fantastic Nonna and Poppy (my in-laws) for three weeks in between and moved in to the new house on July 2. It is HUGE - comparatively - and we will never move again. We have just the space we need and moving is not fun, especially during your first trimester of pregnancy. Big kudos to super Dad for basically doing it all himself, and my MIL who is an expert packer!
    We had a ton of people come thru our house. But we found the right buyer with the help of the Josh Vernon Group

    B loves the new kitchen table from Nadeau! He has breakfast on the bench, and dinner on the end left chair. 
  • We have been on several lovely vacations, including two beach trips to Orange Beach with family and a parent's getaway/Dad's work convention to New Orleans. We also made it to Gulfport for Memorial Day to celebrate Aunt Lala's birthday, and tell the family that we were pregnant! 
    At Fisher's in Orange Beach (April 2015).
    In Orange Beach before heading to dinner (July 2015).
    Roasted cauliflower and bone marrow at Domenica in NOLA. 

    Muffaletta, salad, pulled pork sandwich and Brussels at Cochon Butcher in NOLA.

    French toast, scotch egg, and boudin and grits for brunch at Angeline in NOLA.
  • Barrett turned TWO! Life with B has been entertaining and honestly, fun! Several months ago he hit a point where he was very difficult to wrangle. He wanted to touch, pull, grab, push, and hit everything. He is incredibly inquisitive, which I love, but can be maddening at times. Then one day I realized he wasn't so much like that anymore. He seemed more comfortable with his surroundings and aware of what things were, so he was less compelled to investigate every item and/or place. On a daily basis he learns or says something new. I still don't understand what any of the words mean, but they are coming. Family meals are fun because he enjoys them, encouraging us to "sit, mom!" and "sit, dad!" Next step...lose the pacifier at night time (already gone from naps thanks to school!) and upgrade to a twin bed. We will need that crib for when baby #2 gets here in January!
    Blowing out his birthday candles!