Monday, March 31, 2014

On The Move: Lobster for B

Babies require a lot of stuff; more stuff than I ever realized. In the arena of seating we have a total of 8 items that range from a contoured pillow (The Boppy Lounger) to a motorized bouncer (InGenuity Auto Bouncer). B enjoys 5 of those options, with a possible 6th dependent on his mood. At a mere 7.5 months old he has outgrown 3 of these already.

"Real food" quickly changed seating options; an upright position and wipe-able/washable surface is necessary. So Dad and I researched and debated high chairs. We decided on the OXO Seedling and it is fantastic...see last week's post for some details.

But Dad and I like to get out of the house! While the old wooden restaurant high chairs are a great standby, we wanted something of our own that was easily portable. So the research began again and we landed on phil&teds lobster

I spent weeks eyeing this chair until my aunt was in town and we stopped by Swaddle to droll over their inventory of everything baby related. Before I could make it to check out B's great aunt swooped in and made the purchase (hugs and kisses to Aunt Andi). We used it twice THAT DAY! It has quickly been added to the home departure list.
B hanging at G-pa's.

Not one to be excluded from the fun. Cahaba Brewing has picnic tables perfect for the lobster.

I would say we have successfully used the lobster at 70% of locations attempted, including - Cheesecake Factory, Cahaba Brewing, Red Zone Sports BarBeef O'Brady's, Slice, Five, HabanerosCocina Superior and Saw's Juke Joint. At all of these locations multiple people have approached us to ask what the chair was and where they could purchase. 


  • Folds and includes a slim carrying bag (total weight is 4 lbs)
  • Easy installation to compatible table
  • Weight limit of 37 lbs
  • Includes tray that is dishwasher safe and sanitary
  • Safety straps/harness 
  • EXTREMELY sturdy

  • Restaurants like funky tables, it won't fit everywhere
  • Seat is hand wash only and does have crevices 
  • Frame could use cushioning or head rest 

Where's my marg? 

Friday, March 28, 2014

The People's Eyebrow

You know those ADORABLE pictures that I post on Facebook of sweet B? Like this one: 
B enjoying his ExerSaucer.

For every precious, sweet face I capture, there are four to five not so great photos. Actually, I have more than 1,500 pictures on my phone and 75% of them are the good, the bad, and the ugly of our little man. This kid requires some serious shenanigans for a smile on camera. Normally he giggles at next to nothing, but when the phone or the real camera comes out...stone cold. 

Exhibit A: Ma, Get this thing out of my face.

So I snap away and keep trying to get the perfect shot. Then it's on...Instagram, Hefe filter, insert witty post, #theseallife...BOOM. Share with Facebook and let the "likes" flow. 

But what happens to other pictures, you ask? I look at them throughout the day when I am missing B and need a pick-me-up at work. Sometimes I text them to Dad so we can share a moment thinking about the little life we created. I remember fondly the words that came out of Dad's mouth right after B was born, "I can't believe that just came out of you." 

Please, share in our good times with the following outtakes. 

Pissed baby. 
Drunk baby.
WTF baby.

The People's Eyebrow. 
The actual People's Eyebrow.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Did you pack the Vaseline?

"When can we take him places?" was the second question we asked Dr. Redmond at Pediatrics East. "Get out," she said, "it's good for mom and baby." 

I once read that every time you leave the house with an infant you feel like you are about to leave for the airport. 
"Do we have everything?" "Did you get the blanket?" "I only have one burp cloth, should I bring another?" "Where is the thing that sucks out his nose?" "Wait, turnaround, I forgot an extra hat!" "Shit, I only have one bottle of hand sanitizer."
Getting out of the car is just as exciting. 
What goes first? You can't leave the baby in the car, but do you put the carrier on the concrete while you get the stroller? How do you push a stroller and a grocery cart? Do you take the stroller in everywhere? Should the baby stay in the carrier while we eat? Will the carrier fit on the table, or maybe in the booth? 
This isn't even close to all the questions and scenarios we went through. People wanting to touch, hold and talk to the baby is an entirely other post. 

But out we went...

At two weeks old, we took B to Slice and a Barons game.
Week 2: View from the outfield.
When B was three weeks old, we went to the Fox and the Hound for a Saints game. 
Week 3: Aunt Lala holding B at Fox and the Hound.
After our weekly breastfeeding support group at St. Vincent's we would visit some fun places in Birmingham. 
Week 4: Visit to Red Cat Coffee and Hop City after breastfeeding class.
As soon as we could muster the courage to travel, we headed to Gulfport to meet Gigi (my G-ma). Needless to say, she thinks her great grandson is pretty spectacular. 
Week 7: B is listening to Gigi tell him he would look better in crimson.
And to celebrate B's eight week birthday, we went to Breakin' Bread at Railroad Park. This is one of our favorite events in Birmingham because it features food from restaurants across the city and lots of WINE. 

Week 8: Dad looking like a pro, sampling some food and wine.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday: ChapStick

At 1:00 a.m. August 18, 2013 my water broke...evidently. I wasn't entirely sure it had even happened until my back pain started to cycle and I could barely stand up. The back pain turned out to be contractions and at 4:15 a.m. when we arrived at St. Vincent's Birmingham I was "complete"...i.e. about to have a baby, three weeks early, in less than an hour, sans pain medication. So at 5:11 a.m. we met B for the first time and our lives were forever changed.

But let's rewind to that 56 minute period from when we got to the hospital to when B arrived. Pain meds would have been lovely but I only needed two things - ChapStick and Dad. 

ChapStick was essential because out of nowhere my lips were dry as the Sahara. Dad did a great job of reapplying in between pushes. It was such a strange necessity I felt compelled to write to Pregnancy & Newborn when they requested submissions for suite essentials. 

Suite Essentials in the March 2014 issue of Pregnancy & Newborn.

And I couldn't have done it without Dad. He did a great job keeping me calm because he was calm. He stayed by my side as they wheeled me into the birthing suite, rearranged the bed into a table, pulled out the stirrups, and flipped on the high beams pointed directly at my...well, you get the point. When I started to push, with nurses on my left, Dad was on my right making sure I was breathing. When everything else was chaotic, I knew it would be OK because he was calm. We did it together - and no one even knew yet because it all happened so quickly.

Dad and sweet B hanging during our first days at home.
Dad making sure B is warm enough at his one month check up.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Date Night Dinner, hold the vomit

To save money and spend more time with B, Dad and I like to have dinner at home on the weekends. But it has to be something good...we eat a lot of chicken and vegetables during the week so we need a change of pace. Last Friday I went to Publix with nothing particular in mind. Luckily they had New York Strips on sale. Couple those with some little rose potatoes, asparagus, a quick salad, some wine and we have a Date Night Dinner

I use DAK's spices in almost every meal I cook. They make awesome blends that are SALT FREE and the owners live here in Birmingham! The steaks were seasoned up with some DAK's Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper and Steakhouse blends. I also added a pinch of kosher salt.

Yummmmm. Sophie was jealous. 
For the potatoes, I added 1-2 tbsp. of Herb Oil (also made in Birmingham). This stuff is good enough to drink and really great with bread or any other starch. I also added some Herbes de Provence because it is Dad's favorite. We wrapped these up in foil and threw them on the Weber with the steaks and asparagus (not shown). 
Mini potatoes are cute and fun to eat!
B joined us for dinner, as he usually does, but wasn't feeling his green beans so I tried some Yo-Baby yogurt. Evidently he was trying to tell me he wasn't hungry because he proceeded to projectile vomit on my house slippers. We learn something new every day. 
Friday's Lesson: all high chairs should have wheels. I missed the second projectile by inches thanks to my quick reaction and our spiffy rolling high chair. 
"MA, NO MORE FOOD!" said B in his OXO Seedling high chair provided by G-pa Steiner.

Needless to say, bath time was quickly followed by ice cream for Mom. Good thing Publix had a Haagen-Dazs BOGO!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Patience Saved...for now.

I am a patient person. Ask Dad and he will agree. This week B tested my patience and he won. With a nasty cold and 102 fever, antibiotics and a Tylenol/Motrin cocktail were in order. That is at the least four doses of medicine per day. Medicine could be made of candy and kids wouldn't want it which makes the house a war zone around medication time. Until today when I discovered a forgotten purchase - The Medicator. I think I bought it at The Dollar Tree a month ago knowing B would need some sort of medication again soon. 

When I found it in the cabinet I immediately ripped it open, thoroughly cleaned it and loaded it with amoxicillin. Now listen here, it was down in 30 seconds. Then I put some infant Motrin in...20 seconds and gone. B will wisen up soon but for now I will enjoy.

Having a baby changes everything and changes you as a person. While I may be a bit less patient, Dad has learned some patience. It has been a wild seven months. Needless to say we have learned a lot but have so much more to go.

The Medicator by Munchkin. Today's lifesaver.

Thankfully, mom has her own medicator known as wine. 
Chicago October 2012, PB (pre B) at Au Cheval. Best cheeseburger ever...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome to Baby Season

I have read multiple articles about how life has different seasons. That could not be more true and right now we are at the height of baby season! In just the past year there have been six babies born within our immediate group of friends. Outside of that, I can think of at least seven more. Football Saturdays went from all-out tailgate parties in Auburn to a more mild "get-together" at a friend's house within a 10 mile radius. Packing 60 beers for a tailgate used to be commonplace, now a bottle of wine and a 12 pack is more than sufficient. 

I wouldn't trade these times for any. We have an amazing group of friends; Dad and I are lucky to have their unwavering support and welcomed advice. I think we would agree that parenthood has been different than we expected and things haven't always gone the way we intended. 

"Whatever works" is commonly heard at gatherings and judgement is strictly forbidden.
(L to R) Weston's Dad, B's Dad, Walker's Dad, Brady's Dad and Michael (wife and baby TBD).
B watching the Auburn game with Rebecca and Aunt Mantha.
B and Aunt Kristen at the Orny Cocktail Party.
Mom and B after the Iron Bowl - WAR EAGLE!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday - Bottle Brush

Since becoming parents, we have discovered a few tricks. Some make life easier, some have grown out of necessity and others are just plain funny. This piece of advice covers all three. 

Dad discovered early on that the bottle brush comes in handy for cleaning wine glasses! We go through a lot of bottles and a lot of wine glasses and Dad does most of the dishes so any streamlining of the process is a plus. 

Bottles for everyone...who says men can't multitask? 

We like the Munchkin Deluxe Bottle Brush. It's got a nipple brush that fits in to the handle and a suction cup on the end so you don't have to just lay the brush in the sink. 

Handy and inexpensive.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Luck of the Irish

Wishing you always...
Walls for the wind,
A roof for the rain, 
A warm cup of tea by the fire,
Laughter to cheer you, 
Those you love near you, 
And all that your heart may desire.

This was a morning text from Brenda, one of my parent's best friends and my second mother. 

Happy St. Patty's Day. May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart and warmed by the smiles of the people you love! 

Now on to the daily cuteness that is our Mr. B. We had a great weekend celebrating the birth of baby Weston and pretending our last name is O'Seal! 

Visiting Baby Weston at St. Vincent's Birmingham.
Whiskey tasting at the 34th Annual St. Patty's Day celebration for the Bham Irish Cultural Society.
Dad and B looking cute in their green at Avondale Brewery.
Mom and B at Cahaba Brewery during Dad's ride in Tour de Brewers.