Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It could be worse...

"It could be worse," said Dad on day two of our recent vacation to Turks and Caicos. I quickly responded with, "It couldn't be much better." To which he chimed back, "...but it could be worse." 

We were both right. It could have been worse...we could have been at work back in Alabama where the weather was around 40 degrees. But it really couldn't have been much better. I mean, this conversation took place here:

The most clear water and softest sand ever. 
 See what I mean? 

From the edge of the pool, overlooking a dining patio and then the beach.
This was our first vacation alone since Mr. B arrived. I missed him every day, especially when I saw the other kiddos that were staying at our resort. But let me be honest, while I missed him I was glad he wasn't there. 

We have arrived!
We slept in, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, sat on the beach watching the turquoise water roll in, took long walks in the velvety sand, sipped on adult beverages over an extended lunch, napped by the pool, toasted ourselves at the hotel bar before venturing out for dinner, noshed on local grilled lobster, slipped on the bedroom slippers left for us by the turn down service before enjoying the chocolate placed on the bed. Repeat that for five days and you will feel like a new person. And even appreciate your opinionated and rapidly growing toddler for the amazing little human that he is. 

Beach bar at its best.
Our favorite lunch spot - The Somewhere Cafe
Most importantly, Dad and I got to spend some uninterrupted time together and make memories. I won't say that we needed it, we are lucky to have a fantastic support system of family members who actually ask to babysit so we can have date night. But it was really great to have. Whether we were talking about how life has changed in the past year, debating whether to have a pina colada or gin and tonic, or sitting in silence staring at the scenery, it was a nice reminder that we have each other and are in it together. And we are fortunate enough to really like it that way.   
The other side of the pool from the water-side bed.
The resort was beautiful at night, complete with Christmas lights!
After a trek to lunch, enjoying the walk and the company. 
Location: Turks and Caicos
Favorite Restaurants:

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